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owect makes you stand out.

We are Owect, a Branding Agency with the aspiration to bring inventive thinking into branding through creativity and design.

We create exceptional brand identities. We design clear, distinctive identities and translate them into form, communication and interaction. We do this in a fashionable style, with empathy and a deep passion, with solid basis, The kind that can stand up and stand out in the face of changing markets. In a world of digital transformation.

All work at Owect is based on precise analyses. It goes through many processes that make a brand stand out and extends into the future. Only then is a design created. Not as a question of taste, but as a result of sound reasons.

We’re based in Egypt

Our location in Cairo enables us to build relationships with clients, whether they are across country or globe by outlook.

Who we love to work with

We work with businesses of all scales, from start-ups raising their first funding to global household names. What do they all have in common? Nothing, except a thrilling outlook and the aspiration to go the distance. If this is you, then get in touch with our Creative Directors.

Committed team workers

We believe that high-class creation is the result of cooperation. When egos are set aside and every idea is given a hearing, extraordinary and exceptional things can be accomplished. This is an expertise that we have long taken from the agency and applied to co-creation and collaborative processes with clients and service providers.

We listen

Everything we do starts with striving to genuinely understand – understand our clients, the challenge at hand, each other, the world around us. But we don’t listen passively. We continuously question our clients’ assumptions as well as our own.

Don’t call us experts

If you think that expertise means implementing the same strategies over and over again.

Each project – each new client – Poses a new challenge. Handling these challenges is more about discovering a brand new path than counting on what we did before.

Our clients:

Proudly served some of the most famous brands:

What we do


Still don’t have a name for your brand? Owect can help you finding the right one, Naming a brand can be truly challenging. From domain availability to name challenges, we are well aware of all the potential obstacles along the road.
Brand identity
Beyond the creation of iconic logos, We build full brand identity. Identities which resonate with the brand’s positioning within the marketplace. We build suite of unforgettable brand assets that are efficient for a generation to have dynamism across all of its touch points.
Rebranding is a huge step. If you’re in the initial stages of considering a rebrand, or you’ve made the decision and you’re eager to go, Owect can provide consultancy and expertise in the process.
Brand Guidelines
We gather all of your new brand guidelines in an easy-to-work-with package, for you and any future provider. We can go from a straightforward document guide to an online brand portal updated in real time and always ready for you and anyone you authorize to use it.
We believe that enticing consumers to engage, pick up, touch, interact, gaze, is the most major step in building a prosperous brand. We design bottles, labels and cans, and all secondary packaging etc.

Ninety-two percent of leaders understand that innovation is an fundamental growth strategy. Hundred percent of leaders who used our innovation service are now sure of it.

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