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Agricultural Production and Export

iblink is a company based in Saudi Arabia, established for the purpose of introducing modern technologies such as NFC and QR code into e-commerce.

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Companies are racing to innovate solutions and break new ground in developing their capabilities to ensure they provide their services in a manner that keeps pace with the age of speed.

iblink is going ahead smoothly in the world of e-commerce with a product that combines speed and intelligence to be a pioneer in the use of modern technology.

iblink Concept

By observing and analyzing the movement and trajectories of objects and the curves of NFC waves and data transmission simple waves, we can see that they form curves similar to NFC shape curves and data transfer curves. Each curve consists of several points that differ in composition and shape according to their speed, starting from the circular shape, which represents the lowest speed, to the ellipse, which represents the fastest point in a curved trajectory.

We used the ellipse to represent the maximum speed and we represented the dot above the letter “i” as starting and receiving points on the data transfer curve. The data transfer process starts quickly from the first “i” as you start to utter the company name, and reaches the second “i” at full speed before you finish pronouncing iblink name.

Our Logotype is approachable, easy to read. Optical kerning, refined weight, and defined clear space, as well as well delineated placement in relation to other content, all help to make it as instantly recognizable as possible.

The resulting logo represents how the connection and the speed between iblink and its customers are continually enriched each time they interact with one another and enables us to build a visual language that is robust yet agile, modern yet trustworthy.  An identity that is as dynamic in nature as the company itself.

With a strong sign and variables layouts and form of the message it’s a dynamic project that gives multiple in-use options.