Debunking common myths about naming your brand

Since branding became very important and plays a great role in marketing strategies everywhere in the world, several baseless myths shew up and became popular.
In order to help you to save a lot of time searching, we did sum up many articles about brand naming in a few little lines:

First, they’ll start with listing many iconic (usually American) brand names like Amazon, Apple and Tesla (just to ensure that it stays modern). After that, they’ll tell you that naming a business is an arbitrary process, but then try to overwhelm you by throwing out as much technical writing jargon as they can. Words like ‘mimetic’, ‘neologisms’ and ‘portmanteaus’. They’ll top it off by telling you that the brand name you need is probably taken, then they going to show up a list of all the bright brand names they’ve come up with and that if you hire them for naming, you as well can have an iconic name.
Oh, they also will dwell on talking about Nike. so much.

There are only two categories that is important in this matter: The first one contains names that describe the service or product of your company, second one contains names that don’t.

These articles are aiming to frighten you of the process so that you hire them for this mission. They’re showing you around the National Gallery then giving you a blank sheet of paper and pencil and asking you to draw a new thing. It’s smart on their part, but we don’t work this way.

Of course, we could spend all day creating different technical categories for brand names, but There are basically only two categories that actually matter: names that describe the product or service of the company, and names that don’t. Pizza Hut vs. Tesla.

We cannot tell that One approach is better than the other. A literal name instantly tells what a product is or does. but Limiting your concentration to a literal name gives the impression that you are not looking at the big picture. An abstract name could be built into something as strong as Nike but it’ll require a strapline to interpret itself until then. Or you could even get the features and benefits of the two approaches by starting off with literal name to grow well and then rename it to something abstract for the future purposes.

There’s no wrong way to to choose to get foothold in the market. But there is a right way for you.

Finding the right name is difficult and requires lot of hardwork and a great deal of skill and trial and error. let’s take Mercedes-Benz as example. The company started out as Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. In 1926, they renamed. The name Mercedes came from their racing driver’s daughter “11-years-old”, who used to sing in her father’s workshop, and Benz from the inventor of their engine. The name clarified the inspiration and technical brightness that launched the company.

Mercedes-Benz Creative Business Name
Mercedes-Benz Creative Business Name

It is very feasible to look at a name like Mercedes and be jealous of. It’s the first depiction of the company, but a brand is really a combination of many things. It’s not just your look and appearance, but who you are, the staff who work for you and the type of services that you provide and offer. If Mercedes hadn’t made a great cars, they’d have gone out of business decades ago. A great name is valueless if there is nothing big behind it. Every name should start with punctually that; the heart of who you are.

Of course, every rule has exceptions. As for Hob Knobs, the only reason it called that was because the word ‘Knob’ is funny and makes the child in us giggle.

Virgin comes from what Powell and Bransen felt when launching the company.

Kodak is called that just because the founders did like the letter K.

And a lot of brand names don’t make any sense. Imagine someone gives you the quote below and tells you to create a brand from it.

‘Man is the one who cause changes in this world. As such he should be above structures and systems, and not submissive to them’

What would you come up with? Apple? Would you then take it any further and design for them a logo show an apple with a bite taken out of it? An image that screams poisoned forbidden fruit? In order to sell computers? Of course not and yet Apple’s brand is among the best on the planet.

Creative Business naming
Creative Business naming

Because it just works. Finding brand names isn’t a reasonable process, it’s emotional. And sometimes it requires considerable effort and care to become who they are, there isn’t always this overnight success. Sometimes it takes a few iterations to settle on the name for your brand.

Our naming process starts with getting to know the company inside out. Sure, we could come by, look at your services or products, and give you a list of brilliant names. Ones that would tick the boxes. But none of them would feel right without your input, because no one really knows your brand and your abilities as you do.

Naming is always collaborative. So are you ready to meet your suitable new Brand Name? Get in touch with us to know how we’d be able to help you.