The design process tends to prioritize the tangible, but the intangible is just as important. The moments of curiosity, the sparks of imagination, and the unique dynamic that emerges when people from different backgrounds collaborate to create emotions that complement each other.

Frenzi brings a realistic, unusual, surreal, and new experience to the entertainment world, filled with diverse and magical feelings. This story was the inspiration and starting point for our logo. Symbolizes the inner “euphoria” that our unique experience gives to its Customers, which is represented by the secretion of dopamine in the mind in times of fun and excitement.


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Hence, we used the scan form of the dopamine itself and represented it in our logo to give a more playful and friendly look and feel rooted in these moments of enjoyment and cooperation.


We wanted to create something fresh, innovative, and trustworthy overall—encapsulating the spirit of Frenzi mission. Ultimately resulting in a look and feel that balances entertainment, enjoyment, and modernity with technology and innovation. A system that can thrive in both the physical and digital expressions of the brand.

The logotype is drawn in an energetic style, with sharp angles, verticality, and curves that express movement, dynamism, and various experiences that immerse the customer with pleasure, excitement, and unprecedented feelings.


The logo is formed through disparate, unique letterforms, each playing its own key role in establishing balance and flow. Together, they form an analogy of Frenzi: a collective of friends and individuals, with their own strengths and curiosities, that create a total greater than the sum of its parts.


One creative challenge that was faced while designing the logo for the Frenzi was finding the right balance between form and function. The logotype needed to be visually appealing and effective in communicating the brand's message, while also being flexible and adaptable to different media and contexts.

To overcome this challenge, the team drew upon their technical skills and creative vision to develop a unique and dynamic logotype that conveyed the brand's values and mission. They also paid close attention to the overall composition and balance of the design. To convey the concept of cooperation between the team that enters into the adventures of Frenzi, the logomark and logotype were designed to represent this idea.

The logomark, which consists of a scan form of the dopamine molecule, gives the logo a playful and friendly look and feel, while the logotype, which is composed of disparate, unique letterforms, forms an analogy of Frenzi as a collective of friends and individuals working together. These design elements help to convey the brand's message of cooperation and teamwork.


To incorporate the brand's mission and values into the design, we focused on creating a fresh and innovative look that would convey a sense of trustworthiness and modernity. This was achieved through the use of a playful and friendly color scheme and a logo that balanced the ideas of entertainment, enjoyment, and technology.


To ensure that the design of the brand could thrive in both physical and digital expressions, we focused on creating a cohesive and flexible visual system that could be easily adapted to different media and contexts. This included developing a consistent color palette and typography, as well as creating a range of graphics and design elements that could be used across different platforms and applications. By doing this, we were able to create a strong and distinctive visual identity that could be easily recognized and remembered by customers, no matter where they encounter the brand.

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